Initial filming started for Metal & Madness TV series.

Production is underway for the Metal & Madness TV series. The filming started on location at the Indiana Brewing Company during the Indy Metal Fest, and saw our hosts enjoying the festival and some micro-brews. The premise of the show is an extension of the weekly Metal & Madness radio program, which shows the tour guides going to Metal shows during the weekend after they’re on air. They check out the bands, the music venues, and afterwards any creepy goings on in and around the area the shows are in. During the Indy Metal Fest, they were excited to find that the Indiana Brewing Company building itself had some paranormal occurrences. When speaking with the manager they were told of some odd happenings during the Company’s “Prohibition Party” where even after the music had been turned off for the night, you could still hear 1920’s era music playing. Other locations slated for filming include “The Slippery Noodle” and “Crown Hill Cemetery” in Indianapolis. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, either here or at the Metal & Madness website (

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